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Crystal Sound radio-guide system

Radio-guide system is suitable for acoustic guided tours. The company provides services for the rent, maintenance and sale of equipment of its own production since 2013.

What is it?

Crystal Sound audio guides are individual receivers for tourists and a transmitter for guide, the system makes it possible to transfer information to a large group in conditions of increased noise, maintaining quality of high sound.



Operating frequency range:2,4-2,483 Ghz
Output power: 1 mW
Weight: 40gr


Built-in microphone
Micro USB
Jack 3.5


Operating time-100 h
Full charging time (0-100%): 2.5 h
Signal range up to 100m


Has no analogues in the market
Technical support 24/7
Warranty service
Dealers in Russia and Europe


Made in Russia!
Manufacture is situated in Saint Petersburg


How does it work?

Our radio-guide system is extremely easy to use, automatically switch off and on. The devices are working on intuitive level. Just plug in microphone or earphone in transmitter or receiver, and that’s enough-the device is ready to work!


Holding button “Synchronization” bring the transmitter to the receiver.


Start of work

Connect earphones (microphone) to the receiver/transmitter


The green light at the receiver means that there is a steady signal from transmitter

Switch off

To switch off the device, remove earphone/microphone from the transmitter/receiver


Radio guide

It is applied to excursion in the museums, in the open air, is used at the factories during tours to production, also found its application in education during seminars.

GPS Audio guide

The audio guide is intended to GPS for automatic holding an excursion without participation of the guide. It is used on river cruising, bus tours, in the museums and walking excursions.

Business and education

The system of simultaneous interpretation is ideal for usage in large conference rooms or congress halls. The program supports the wide choice of language channels.

To whom it suits?

1-5 days
on a tour
5-14 days
14-30 days
1-3 mounth
Long rent
more then
3 mounth
Walking tours - - - -
Bus tours -
Museums - - - -
River cruises
Sea cruises - -
Excursions to factories - -
Workshops - - -
Bicycle and Segway tours

Price and conditions depend on the quantity of devices, the city and the term of rent

About company

Crystal Sound

Crystal Sound-Russian developer and manufacturer of acoustic system for excursions.

Radio-guides are used in tourism, business and education since 2013.

Our team is qualified and experienced specialists, who guarantee the technical support of your event on the high professional level!

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Free testing crystal sound!

Test our equipment before you make a rent and purchase.
We will send you a set of receivers-transmitters, so you can feel all advantages of radio guide of Crystal Sound.